2024 Bat Kids Applications Now Open!

Feb 8, 2024


ALWS 2024 needs bat boys and bat girls 

Applications are on ALWS website and Facebook page  

SHELBY, NC -- February 2, 2024 --The American Legion World Series Executive Committee is seeking qualified students to serve as official bat boys and bat girls for the 2024 ALWS. Applicants must be 10-12 years of age. The deadline to apply is April 15, 2024; the tournament is scheduled for August 15-20 at Shelby High School’s Keeter Stadium.  

All applicants are required to be currently playing (2024) in an organized baseball or softball program (Little League, Dixie, City Parks and Recreation program, etc.).  

Jean and Chris Horne coordinate the bat boys, bat girls and shaggers each year. Bat boys and bat girls are determined by a drawing; shaggers usually are boys and girls who have previously served as bat boys and bat girls. The Hornes contact them separately from the applicants for bat boys and bat girls.  

Jean Horne says their experience is as memorable as the experiences of the boys and girls. “It’s a joy to work with people who support the ALWS cause, who are not afraid of work and who LOVE baseball.  “The players become like big brothers to some of the bat boys/girls and continue contact through social media. We hope some of these players will make it to the big leagues and that many of the bat boys’/girls’ dreams will be realized as well.”   

A Bat Boy or Bat Girl has a responsibility to assist the players and coaches, and, ultimately, help speed up the game. Responsibilities include retrieving bats left in the dugout or on the field; gathering arm and shin guards that batters drop; and participating in team pregame warmups at the discretion of the coach. 

The application for bat boys and bat girls is on the ALWS website (www.americanlegionworldseries.com) and on the ALWS Facebook page. Questions can be directed to the ALWS office at 704-466-3103 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM weekdays.